How to Write a Press Release and Public Service Announcement

Press Releases:

1. Set margins at 15 and 70.
2. Double space (to allow for their editing).
3. Place in upper left hand corner:
– one word description of article
– your name and phone number
– date submitted
– number of lines in article
4. Type “For Immediate Release” as heading.
5. Begin the article almost half-way down the page.
6. Write “MORE” at the bottom of each page.
7. At the end of the article type: * * * *
8. Mark those parts of the article that are most important so that they don’t get edited out.
9. The press release should be several paragraphs in length.
10. The first paragraph should include the name of the sponsoring group, name of program (speaker), brief descriptive phrases, date, day, time and place.
11. The last paragraph should include details on who to contact for more information and ticket information (if appropriate).
12. Send the press release by mail at least 10 days in advance. Include glossy photos and extra background material if available. Call to confirm the information.


Public Service Announcements:

1. Treat this like a short press release to be given verbally for radio or TV.
2. Indicate the number of seconds (instead of lines) for the Public Service Announcement.
3. A Public Service Announcement should be no more than one paragraph consisting of the information in the first and last paragraphs of a Press Release.
4. Send out the Public Service Announcement 10 days in advance; call to confirm.