In just seven years, the number of students and faculty who come to faith each year has doubled.

At Wake Forest University InterVarsity students are out to share Jesus’ offer of “living water.”

InterVarsity staff in the northwest offer students more opportunities to come to faith, in contrast to the region's reputation as the most unchurched part of the country.

InterVarsity students visit nearby campuses in the Kansas City area during spring break.

How do you get a whole campus, one of the largest campuses in the U.S., to listen to God? That's the goal next week when InterVarsity brings The Price of Life Invitational to Ohio State University.

Groups Investigating God, or GIGs, is the name InterVarsity gives to evangelistic Bible studies.

At Urbana 09 York Moore, InterVarsity's national evangelist, described God's cosmic plan of salvation in terms of a celestial light invasion: the first light from God came in the creation story in Genesis, the second light is the incarnation reported in the gospels.

Greg Johnson is an InterVarsity team leader on campus at Rhode Island's Brown University campus. He's working with a chapter of about 45 students to help them move from being self-protective about their Christian faith to becoming missional and more focused on others than themselves.


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