The buzz on the campus of Stanford University in early February was all about DNA, the Human Genome Project, and God, following a lecture by Francis Collins, the director of the project. "As we study the DNA of our organisms, we are looking at the language of God," Dr. Collins said.

Bryton grew up in a family devoted to the Mormon faith. But as she got older, she began to question the beliefs she had grown up with.

Michigan State University was abuzz last week with an event that had been in preparations for over a year. When God's people come together to pray, focus on outreach, train and send out people to do evangelism, raise money for the poor, teach and respond to injustices, and cooperate across ethnicities, astounding things can happen.

Charisma magazine reports "a new spirituality is stirring America's college students"
InterVarsity staff workers at the University of Washington decided last winter that they wanted evangelism to be a higher priority. As staff and students prayed, the phrase that kept coming up was to be a light on campus. It turned into an eventful semester and they saw their prayers answered more literally than they expected.


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