First in her family to attend college, Ruth found herself lonely and needing God when she moved across the country for grad school--until she found an InterVarsity graduate ministry chapter. 

Almita found her calling through involvement in InterVarsity's LaFe ministry.

Anthony Giron is reaching out to new campuses in the Chicago area.

Steve Tamayo desires to honestly address issues that keep young people from the Christian faith.

InterVarsity's Latino ministry gains momentum from its national conference.

InterVarsity chapters are recognized for what they add to the campus.

Ministry at urban commuter colleges is always difficult, but California State University Los Angeles has been more challenging than most for InterVarsity staff members. Each of the first three years that Maite Rodriguez began a new ministry year at Cal State L.A. was like starting all over again.

Elizabeth Villalovos sees more and more Latino students arriving on campus "without finding a place where they can thrive and grow in their walk with God." Her passion is connecting with those students to let them know how much God loves them.

Some in society have an unfavorable view of young Latinos. But God has another view of young Latinos. The staff of InterVarsity's LaFe ministry focuses on helping Latino college students realize the difference between the two, and discover God's purpose for their lives.


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