By Anthony Moore

Hi. My name’s Anthony. I was president of my InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter at San Diego State University. After college, getting out of debt became my chief goal. Once I was debt-free, I dedicated my time and resources to mastering my finances in my twenties. 

Tom Lin is the first full president of InterVarsity to be chosen from InterVarsity staff.

By Erica Young Reitz

When I was in my mid-twenties, my friend Kimi and I entered an essay contest for twentysomething writers that invited us to explore a question that was keeping us up a night. 

Seeing lives transformed became a distraction from classes for Esrael, and ultimately his mission.

By Rahmadi Trimananda

When we are faced with the question of whether or not to go to grad school, the first reaction that we usually have as human beings is mostly these questions.

By Jason Gaboury

“To be human is to be lonely,” Friar Ugo said to me, his voice cracking with age. 

By Grace Chen

Both before and after graduating from college this past May, I found myself continually hearing murmurs of “transition” and “change.”

November event is aimed at convening thousands to focus on overcoming missions barriers.

By Kathryn Brill

Family relationships can be complicated even at the best of times. 

The solution we long for is God’s justice—true, lasting justice, of which violence has no part.