By Grace Chen

Work gives us the chance to obey God’s command to actively love and humbly serve others, so that they, too, can encounter his love and care for every person on this earth.

By Anthony Moore

The decade after college is the most important financial decision of your life. Here’s what you need to know first.

Tom Lin is the first full president of InterVarsity to be chosen from InterVarsity staff.

By Erica Young Reitz

In the chaos of your twenties, it can be tempting to search for security and significance in a relationship. You might believe the lie that once you find “your person” your life will become stable. The truth is that our stability comes from Christ alone; he is our sure foundation in every shifting time.

Seeing lives transformed became a distraction from classes for Esrael, and ultimately his mission.

By Rahmadi Trimananda

This question about grad school, which ties in closely with life direction, actually deals with calling and vocation in its very core.

By Jason Gaboury

It is not good for us to be alone. And yet, in the hands of God, loneliness can transform.

By Grace Chen

As soon as the topic of transition arose, it was as if the air suddenly got heavier. With furrowed brows and heavy sighs, people’s dispositions painted a picture of an unwanted phase they would just have to endure. Whether or not it was explicitly said, they clearly could not wait to get “it” over with before “it” had even begun.

November event is aimed at convening thousands to focus on overcoming missions barriers.

By Kathryn Brill

Family relationships can be complicated even at the best of times. But when you’ve just graduated and are trying to find your feet in the midst of transition, figuring out how to relate to your parents can be especially confusing.