Staring at the pile of dry, unlit logs, I shared with God my deep longing for something new. It was almost my senior year, and it was the first time my faith felt dry since first discovering who Jesus really is as a freshman.

Holding nothing back, telling God all my worries and hopes, a small stream of smoke began to rise. Then it grew bigger and bigger. Then, a spark. This pit of log and ash caught flame on its own right before my eyes. It’s as though God was clearly speaking, “I’m here. You’re here. And I’ll ignite that spark again.”

By Taylor Straatmann
I often don’t feel the way I think I should. This Easter, we're reminded that even when we don't feel hopeful, the good news of Jesus is our hope.
By Emily Baez

New age practices promise to deliver on some deep human desires we’ve always had and always will have. When we investigate these desires, we’ll not only find that they’re natural and normal, but they’re also best satisfied in deep relationship with Jesus.  

By Nathan Peterson

God made us and made us for him. In ways we can’t fully understand, we crave him. But we do everything we can to satisfy that craving with earthly things. This is why we’re tired. This is why we need true rest.

By Schuyler Kitchin

God’s people can meet God in the temple and in the wilderness, in spring and in winter. 

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

Going to church on Sundays was no longer enough for Cade. He wanted to see the hope of Jesus proclaimed in the streets for all people to hear.

By Eva Liu Glick

I was operating unconsciously as if everybody shared my Christian knowledge and views. It was my wake-up call. I needed to invest in friendships with non-Christians again, and that would require intentional effort.

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

Fall Conference was where God prepared me for years of serving my campus. I knew that he was going to do the same for the eager students who showed up in 2023.


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