This past June I turned 26,  and this year marked my fourth year living on my own and working full time. Despite being an “adult” by all intents and purposes, I’ve found over the years that merely being in close proximity with my parents triggers this innate childlike state in me. I would find myself feeling independent and mature at work and while running errands at my apartment, but the minute I would visit my parents, I felt like a kid again.

I mean, who can blame me? These were the people who held me as a baby, changed my diapers, and saw all my childish tantrums. How could I possibly relate to them as an adult?

By Kelly Aalseth

When we have completed our assignments or poured our lives out, we are given the grace to put our full weight onto the arms of God and allow ourselves to be carried into a season of recovery and rest. Here are a few reasons why I think it's difficult to allow ourselves to rest and receive deep replenishment after we've drained all our energy.

By Nathan Peterson

Avengers: Endgame struck a chord in people across the world. And like other art forms, it provides an inside look into today’s Western culture, especially when we consider the movie from a Christian perspective.

By Brenda Jo Wong

Life is full of transitions, both exciting and painful. But how do we go through tranistions and difficult seasons with God? How did Moses? 

By Nathan Peterson

Should you try online dating? After months of asking myself that same question, I decided to try it out for about half a year. Here are a few things I wish I would have thought about before diving into the quirky complexity that is online dating.

By Nathan Peterson

Believing FOMO’s lies has only left me disappointed, looking for another quick fix, another move to help relieve those thoughts of missing out. It’s a never-ending cycle that leaves me restless and wondering what to try and where to go next. 


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