Ethnicity, Reconciliation, & Justice

By Drew Larson

In 28 hours I can be in Thailand.  I just looked it up, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, although I use that term loosely (miracle, not Internet). Right this moment, I can book a flight from Chicago to Bangkok and be wheels-up to Thailand in six hours, carrying nothing with me except a messenger bag filled with beef jerky...

By Chris Nielson

How often do we view our citizenship as a gift that we’ve been given to steward?

By Alice Lor

The year I graduated from law school turned out to be a momentous occasion for my relatives. That year, not only did I graduate from law school, but I also had one cousin graduate from law school and another graduate from pharmacy school. 

By Brennan Takayama

When I moved back to Hawai‘i in 2007, I participated in Ho‘olohe Pono—a two week summer immersion into the Native Hawaiian community—to listen, learn, and serve with the aloha (love) of Jesus. 

By Noemi Vega

This summer, seventeen InterVarsity staff and students took part in Borderlands, a special track of the Los Angeles Urban Project. They spent time in Tijuana, San Diego, and Fresno to learn more about the issue of immigration and to understand the issue through a Christian lens. 

By Sasha Mackoon

The train was taking almost twenty to thirty minutes to leave, when a man walking on his two hands and one foot, went onto the ladies’ train car.

By Guyana Hand

My neighborhood’s the type of place InterVarsity students might visit for an Urban Project. It’s the type of place people lock their car doors as they drive through. Quite frankly, it’s the type of place young people don’t return to after college. 

By Laura Li

After attending the Asian Pacific Islander Women's Leadership Conference (APIWLC), I've been reflecting on what it means for me to be a leader as an Asian American woman.

By Allie Marshall

“I left home with a heart full of expectations – mostly positive, but I also had a certain amount of worry,” said Lisa Espineli Chinn, now the Director for InterVarsity’s International Student Ministry (ISM).


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