Sharing Your Faith

By Lisa Liou

In the past year, I have found myself in more conversations about Jesus with people outside the Christian faith than in any other year since college.

By Ryan Hammill

What happens when we follow God’s heart right into the midst of the urban poor?

By Christopher K. Lee

What does it take to become a “multiethnic witnessing community transformed by Jesus reaching every campus culture”?

By Jeannie Rose Field

The first time I was asked to share the gospel at a Proxe Station, I tried to get out of it.

By Lucas Pulley

I get the same answer almost every time: “Bible study and prayer.” The scene looks like this: I sit down over coffee with a student who’s stuck in their walk with Christ, bored with the Christian life, and struggling to hear from or care about Jesus at all...

By Nicole Carline

‘I thirst’ were the words from God above. God who left immortal to show his eternal love. ‘I thirst’ is what he said, What he gasped as his lungs began to fill and collapse, As he hung there in agony on a tree to die, I sit, I think, and wonder….why...

By Jessica Fick

I didn’t expect Jesus to show up in a bar that evening. No, it wasn’t a hipster dude with a big beard. It was at my high school reunion where I reconnected with Chris—a formerly awkward and quiet student who now sported snazzy glasses, stylishly gelled hair, and an identity as an openly gay man.

By Steve Wimmer

Freshmen: calm down, you don’t need to bring your text books to class. You might expect the first week to be challenging and filled with assignments, but returning students know that it generally means getting a syllabus and leaving class after ten minutes.

By Matthew W. Meyer

Each summer we partner with the Bosnian IFES movement (EUS) and send a team to Bosnia—to teach English to Bosnian college students and to share our lives and faith.


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