Spiritual Formation

By Scott Bessenecker

In the movie Django Unchained, a freed slave named Django is employed by a bounty hunter. 

By Adam Jeske

A couple months ago, I was living in South Africa. Our power went out regularly, our water was kind of chunky some days, and there was a fair amount of crime. 

By Courtney Teaford

Leadership. Even the word sounds complicated and nebulous. 

By Lisa Rieck

I know—nobody enjoys confessing their sins. But I tend to think it’s even worse for perfectionists like me. 

By Lisa Liou

As we sat side by side watching our kids’ practice, he showed concern about an issue with his son. I could relate. 

By Julia Powers

Summer is so often a season of in-betweens. You might be in between sophomore year and junior year, college and grad school, one job and another, even one part of the world and another.


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