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When Tamice Spencer first encountered InterVarsity as a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, she wasn’t interested in Christianity. She had other interests.

“Why did you just walk in, an hour late to this lecture?” the instructor asked the two students who paused at the door of the Friday night EMT training at Amherst College.

By Jessica Fick

I didn’t expect Jesus to show up in a bar that evening. No, it wasn’t a hipster dude with a big beard. It was at my high school reunion where I reconnected with Chris—a formerly awkward and quiet student who now sported snazzy glasses, stylishly gelled hair, and an identity as an openly gay man.

By Matt Meyer

I love community colleges. When I tell people I work at a community college, most seem surprised or perplexed.

By Brittany Small

I don’t know if everyone can say that they work with people who are changing the world. I can. I work with students who partner with God in bringing the truth of the gospel to their dorm communities, their apartment complexes, their classes, their intramural teams, their friends—to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and to campuses around the globe.

By Lauren Anderson

“. . . and well, God is in my life now,” Sam said with a smile, as she hopped out of her chair and ran around the room, holding out her hands to receive high-fives from our chapter.

By Lauren Anderson

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently. I’m a junior living in the dorms. That doesn’t make sense. At least that’s what people tell me.

By Emery Silva

You have heard the many appeals about why you should go Greek. Leadership positions, lasting friendships, community service events, worthwhile philanthropies, high academic standards, energetic social life, and professional networking opportunities are all reasons to join, and the list goes on.


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