I had a list. There were people that needed prayer and situations for which I needed answers. This was probably why God called me to retreat from my busy life for 24 hours—24 beautifully quiet hours at a place where all I could hear was a roaring creek—so that I could pray without interruption. I had two little boys at home, and it was pretty much impossible to even think one thought through from beginning to end, let alone concentrate on praying.

Only a few weeks before, my dear friend told me she was going away on a week-long retreat, just to be with Jesus. The idea struck me with strong emotion. Crying silently on the other end of the phone, I imagined how God must feel to know that she wanted to spend that much time just with him. I realized then that I wanted to spend special time with him too. But a week seemed absolutely impossible for me. Even one day was a stretch.

By Stephanie Fredrick

Summer is great. But being out of your normal routine can make staying connected to your faith a little difficult. Here are three resources to keep your quiet times strong.

By Andrew McCarty

So many of us get so riled up by “disagreeable” news outlets and opponents we deem as biased in all the wrong ways--but what how do we read or hear the news with love, humility, and patience? 

By Kelly Aalseth

When we have completed our assignments or poured our lives out, we are given the grace to put our full weight onto the arms of God and allow ourselves to be carried into a season of recovery and rest. Here are a few reasons why I think it's difficult to allow ourselves to rest and receive deep replenishment after we've drained all our energy.

By Nathan Peterson

Avengers: Endgame struck a chord in people across the world. And like other art forms, it provides an inside look into today’s Western culture, especially when we consider the movie from a Christian perspective.

By Brenda Jo Wong

Life is full of transitions, both exciting and painful. But how do we go through tranistions and difficult seasons with God? How did Moses? 


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