The events of the past weeks are only the latest examples of a long history of racism in our country. At one level, they reveal nothing new. They tell stories that we are all too familiar with because they have been repeated for centuries. Christian Cooper facing a White woman making false accusations to the police. Ahmaud Arbery losing his life to White men who assumed they had the right to detain him by force. George Floyd dying while a police officer knelt on his neck––and while fellow officers watched. I’m grieving with my Black colleagues and friends because I know they are weary, frustrated, and despairing. I’m angry because I know that viral videos capture only a fraction of what happens daily. And I’m resolved that InterVarsity will continue to pursue justice and reconciliation on campus and in our spheres of influence.

By Nathan Peterson

Even though Jesus felt more distant, the truth is that he isn’t an inch further from me or you than when this pandemic broke out.

By Brenda Jo Wong

God’s invites us to not only join him in the suffering around us; he is also inviting us to explore our own personal disappointments and losses on a deeper level. This difficult time can be an opportunity to cultivate newness.

By Sarah Schilling

I haven’t felt like praying lately. Of all times you’d think I’d want to pray more, it’d be right now—alone in my one-bedroom apartment in a foreign country during a global pandemic.

By Skip McDonald

I don’t know what you are facing, but God does. He wants to meet you in the reality of the finished work of Jesus Christ, the gospel—our hope. Let him meet you there and, if necessary, seek out others and let them help you as well.

By Drew Larson

When part of our story ends abruptly, loss, grief, and confusion follow quickly after. Probably no one is feeling this more acutely right now than college students. What do you do when life ghosts you?

By Kelly Aalseth

Sometimes it can help to have a prayer that’s already been written and to pray it in community (even if it has to be online community right now). Here’s one prayer you can pray aloud with others to help spur you on to pray more. 


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