Books and Literature


1. A literature coordinator can have an important ministry to the chapter by providing a high-quality, attractive booktable at chapter meetings.

2. Visit a local bookstore to get ideas for creative ways to display books.

3. Check with IVP for an Introductory Booktable Offer. (IVP, Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515; phone 312/964-5700) They also feature a “Book of the Quarter” at a discounted price.

4. InterVarsity chapters can receive a 30% discount for IVP titles for all book orders over $10. Use the discount order form and have the same person place all the orders.

5. You can order booklets for give-away at significant savings. Check with IVP’s Campus Division Manager for the current discount rate. This can be useful to feature a booklet which relates to the topic of a large group meeting as well as for evangelistic usage.


The literature coordinator should work with the large group coordinator in identifying what books might be featured at each meeting. It is important to know which books the speaker will recommend, and when possible to jointly choose a “feature” book.

1. Order sufficient quantities of featured books well in advance.

2. Use creativity in promoting particular books:

a. Hold a copy of the book so the audience can see it.
b. Give an overview of the contents of the book.
c. Comment on why the book is valuable to the audience.
d. Preferably have someone tell how the book was beneficial to them.
e. Read a choice paragraph from the book.
f. Relate the book to the topic of the meeting.
g. Use of skits, fun songs, free book contests, and others can all help create interest.