Take a Look at Your Large Group

As you begin planning for your large group meetings, take time to review your current large group meetings. Each person involved with planning or leading large group meetings should read the list below and check all items that describe your group. You’ll find that different people will see what’s happening differently and that you will want to compare your responses.

___ There is a plan for the term for all large group meetings
___ Visuals are prepared before the meeting
___ The meetings are prayed for regularly
___ Musicians are prepared (guitars tuned, songs rehearsed)
___ Speaker is briefed on expectations, goals, time limits
___ Facilities are ready, set up on time

___ Clear opening statement as to the purpose of the meeting
___ Meeting starts on time
___ There is a sense of excitement and expectation
___ Meeting format shows diversity and creativity
___ Meeting tone is enthusiastic and upbeat
___ Meeting has adequate amount of group participation
___ Meetings are not too formal, or stiff
___ Meetings are not too informal, or chaotic
___ There is a unifying theme throughout the meeting
___ The meeting is Christ-centered
___ Leader is directive without being overbearing
___ Leader communicates warmth, welcoming tone, expectations
___ Leader is careful not to use jargon or “in jokes”
___ Leader is confident of what comes next and smoothly moves group
___ Speaker is adequately introduced
___ Teaching is generally relevant (meeting people where they are)
___ Teaching is generally helpful (not too simple or advanced)
___ Singing is usually lively and spirited
___ Words for songs clearly displayed or handed out
___ Announcements are brief, interesting, and necessary
___ Meeting ends on time
___ Regularly attending members are welcoming to newcomers
___ There is sensitivity to visitors

___ Speakers are thanked verbally and in writing
___ Visitors are followed-up
___ Many people who visit return
___ Prayers for meetings include thanksgiving for God’s answers
___ Meeting planners/leaders review meetings and make improvements

How is your large group doing? What areas would you like to improve? Keep those areas that need improvement in mind as you plan meetings.