April 3 - Graduate & Faculty Ministries is looking for campus staff members and area directors throughout the U.S. Ask God to provide many new staff members who have a heart for graduate students and faculty and are passionate about reaching them with the Gospel.

April 4 - Several New England area staff members are in important stages of fund development for their ministries. Pray for diligence as they continue their ministry partnership work.

March 27 - Campus staff member Evan Smith is transitioning back into ministry at York College in Pennsylvania after a six-month sabbatical. Pray that he and his student leaders would relearn how to work together and grow increasingly Christlike in their leadership.

March 20 - Pray for Samantha and Ian, two students at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania who have started a small group in a freshman dorm that has been difficult to reach in the past. Ask God to bless their efforts to share his love and salvation with their peers.

March 21 - InterVarsity staff in Kentucky and Tennessee meet today to pray and plan for the next steps in their ministries. Pray for senior area director Eric Peterson as he leads the team, and for the staff to be physically and spiritually refreshed.

March 13 - It’s spring break for many colleges. Pray that students make wise decisions and exalt Christ with their witness away from school. For those students participating in service or missions trips on their break, pray that “the work of their hands” brings glory to God.
March 14 - Ask the Holy Spirit to provide stability and growth to the new chapter being planted at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

March 6 - Pray for the Milwaukee Urban Program, which started yesterday. Up to 150 students are taking part in it over three different weeks and engaging in issues of race and ethnicity. Pray that God opens the hearts of the student participants.

By Jonathan Rice

When natural disasters happen, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornados, our world seems a hostile place. 

Gordon Govier is a former radio news reporter who is now a member of InterVarsity's communications staff.

By Drew Larson

We’ve all heard the stories at least once. Maybe we even know someone for whom the story is true.

Nice Single Christian meets Super-Duper Other Christian.

Alec Hill has returned to work as he continues his recovery from a bone marrow transplant.

By Hilary K. Davis

In the Protestant tradition in which I grew up we did not practice Lent (though many Protestant denominations do), but as an adult I have come to love Lent as my favorite season of the church calendar. Here are 10 reasons why.