World Student Day celebrates God’s work on college campuses around the world through the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

InterVarsity president Alec Hill reviews reports of Christian persecution from around the world.

"All I really knew about InterVarsity was that I was to try and find it, and that my aunts Marian and Margaret had both served on campus staff in the late 1950’s."

A year ago, Allison wasn't sure what she believed about God. "Depending on the day you talked to me, I was atheist or agnostic," she said. In February, a friend invited her to a Q&A session about God.

Campus staff member Tina Aceti had big dreams for the Greek InterVarsity chapter at Central Michigan University. She arrived on campus this fall energized to meet new students and prepared to support InterVarsity students in their relationships with non-Christian Greek brothers and sisters. But as the first weeks of school came and went, Tina felt disappointed with the chapter's growth.

InterVarsity's campus ministry in New York City starts with 40 days of prayer


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