Spiritual Formation

By Matt Meyer

I have the good fortune (misfortune?) of being located in a highly competitive congressional district right in the midst of election season. 

By Jason Gaboury

St. Augustine famously prayed, “Lord, grant me holiness, but not yet.” (Domine, da mihi sanctitiam, sed noli modo.) We may relate to his prayer. 

By Drew Larson

On occasion—usually when it’s bright and sunny out and I’m not doing much of anything—I’ll look up and notice that the hounds of my worst mental habits have gotten loose. 

By Andrea Lama

Suddenly, in my mind, I’m tearing my coworker apart limb from limb. How could she get the recognition that I rightfully deserved? This was the moment when I realized that pride was a problem in my life.

By Andy Kim

What would it look like if, every day, in every conversation, in every social media interaction, followers of Jesus lived out Philippians 2:3-4 in the ways we listened to others?

By Julia Powers

Are you in ministry? Yes. You are. And I’m not just talking to the campus ministers among us.

By Steven Grahmann

I’ve read books about prayer. I’ve been to weekend-long trainings on prayer. I’ve given sermons on prayer.


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