friendships, post-college transition
Carrie Carey

Life after college is tricky to navigate. You’re constantly having these questions thrown at you like, “What’s next?” or, “Where are you going to live?” or, “Do you have a job yet?” These are big questions that are really hard to answer, especially if your life is feeling like one giant question mark.

And on top of all of the pressure to have some excellent answers to all your relatives’ questions, you’re dealing with the emotional burden of leaving a place that you’ve begun to really view as home. Trust me when I say that there is never another time in life like college. Never again will you get to live down the hall or across campus from your closest friends. Sure, you may have a roommate or two after you graduate, but with the exception of those few people, your friends from college will be scattered all around the city, state, or country. And after graduation, you go from seeing certain people every single day to once or twice a month at best.

By Christopher K. Lee

The greatest challenge to our evangelism isn’t a hedonistic culture or a relativistic worldview. Nor is it scientific reasoning or religious pluralism. It’s our own faithless witness.

By Lisa Rieck

What do we do with disappointment? What do we do when there’s a gap between what we wanted or expected and what actually happens? Even more, what do we do with God in the face of disappointment?

By Nathan Peterson

Bulging biceps. Watermelon-sized shoulders. Abs so defined you could see them from outer space. No, I’m not describing myself. Well, I guess I sort of am. I’m trying to describe the image in my head of the “ideal me.”

By Drew Larson

My parents didn’t know about the Enneagram back in 1989. If they had, it would have been pretty clear to them what was up: I was a Four. My flagship quote could be this bit of dialogue from Doctor Who: “What’s good about sad?” “It’s happy, for deep people.”

By Kale Uzzle

When I heard about a Christian group on campus, I knew it was something I didn’t want to just join—it was an opportunity for me to step up and lead. I was driven, ambitious, and a little too eager to shine. I was, in short, a young Three on the Enneagram.


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