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Andrew McCarty

It was September of 2006, and the five of us carpooling to church in my car formed over 80 percent of our InterVarsity chapter (we were killing it in case you were wondering). Not only did I barely know the four people with me; I had also never heard of this church that was taking forever to get to, and I was pretty sure this random country road was leading us into the middle of nowhere.

A warehouse-looking building finally emerged from behind the trees. “McCarty time” had gotten us there five minutes late and yet not too late to be greeted by the official huggers (not. a. joke.) at the front door. The service itself ended up feeling familiar in many ways and new in others.

By Brenda Jo Wong

In college, I got a Bachelor of Science degree in recreation and leisure studies. I avoided anything and everything that was hard.

By Anne McCracken

The closer we resemble Jesus, the closer we are to being truly humble.

By Brenda Jo Wong

As Charismatic Christianity affirms all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, believers can hear from God in multiple ways. God can speak through dreams, visions, prophetic words, or listening prayer. We see many examples of this in Scripture.


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