I sat off to the side of the small stage, listening as the conference speaker wept, as people around the room wept. Wept and prayed. There was just so much pain.

You don’t belong here. You shouldn’t even be in the room, the thoughts barged into my mind.


Months earlier, when one of my good friends invited me to volunteer at the 2022 Would Jesus Eat Frybread? Conference (WJEF?) in Oklahoma, I had lots of questions. What would I do there? I’m not Native myself. … But after prayer, I decided, a little nervously, to say yes.

As I landed in Oklahoma City and prepped for the conference, doing everything from tagging along with staff as they stocked up on conference goodies at Sam’s Club to (trying) to help set up livestreaming for the event, the questions remained.

By Drew Larson

To Jesus the shepherd, we have names. When he calls to us, he calls with a voice whose clearest frequencies are friendship and intimacy, and whose resonance is so full of goodness that when we hear it, we want to follow. 

By Christopher K. Lee

To prevent drifting, we must stay close to Jesus and his Church. We must abide in him and hold fast to community. We must take up our cross and follow daily.

By Emily Baez

Last school year at the University of Colorado Boulder, Derek, Abigail, and Jake started attending an InterVarsity small group on campus. There, they found belonging, opportunities to grow their faith, and a lifelong love of prayer ministry. They also discovered a God who could miraculously heal them not only of their physical ailments, but also of their mental, emotional, and spiritual brokenness.

By Ashlye Elizondo Vanderworp

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a letter of prayer and encouragement to Latino/a students. 

By Nathan Peterson

Ultimately, I've come to see that suffering (whether big or small), struggle, and pain are realities in the Christian life. That's why we need to get real with Jesus and trust that he is at work. 


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