Whether spoken or written, there are several ways to get your message across. “Announcements” for some has a negative connotation. (everyone tunes out). Instead use words like “Community Concerns,” “Chapter News,” “Vital Information,” or “Communications.” The important thing is to make it interesting, keep it brief, and don’t apologize. If this information is vital to the life of your chapter, then it is worth sharing. It is an important part of your large group meeting and deserves quality preparation and attention.

Verbal Communication:

1. Use creative ways to communicate the information
– a newscaster presents the news, with some reporters at the scene
– a weather report, using flip chart, maps, forecasts
– interviews with people who have been to an event or who plan to attend
– skits and songs which humorously describe what to expect at an event or what happened
– audio-visual, slides, video (some chapter members may have access to video equipment to make an amateur video presentation)
– use clowns, role play, story telling, balloons, the sky’s the limit!

2. Screen communications ahead of time. Having people shout announcements from the floor about a Christian rock concert or a church retreat may not help you accomplish your chapter plans.

3. Plan to devote at least a small portion of each meeting to such items as:

- placing the chapter vision and mission to the campus before the group
– promoting particular training events or chapter events
– presenting prayer requests of concern to the whole chapter
– reports from some who attended a training event
– reports from small groups
– reports on evangelistic endeavors

Written Communication:

1. Chapter calendars with special events and topics for weekly meetings included.
2. A newsletter or bulletin to supplement verbal communications.
3. Signs, posters, and brochures advertising special events displayed at your meeting.
4. An information table near the entrance with conference brochures, general InterVarsity brochures, calendars, newsletters, and a person to answer questions.