Caring for Speakers

1. Be there to meet the speaker at the appropriate place and time.

2. Know the speaker’s name (pronunciation, how she/he wishes to be introduced to others).

3. See if there are any special immediate needs.

4. Always provide an escort for the speaker.

5. Tell a little about yourself and perhaps your chapter.

6. Make sure the speaker is briefed on the timetable before, during, and after the meeting.

7. Go over the details of the meeting itself. Find out how the speaker plans to conclude the talk.

8. If you have not already done so, be sure that you get a biographical sketch to use for the introductions at the meeting.

9. Some speakers prefer to have some time alone to collect their thoughts and pray before the meeting.

10. Offer to have the speaker pray with student leaders before the meeting.

11. Some speakers enjoy coming early and eating a meal with students prior to the meeting. You could offer this in your letter of invitation.

12. Keep the speaker “in tow” after the meeting, making introductions to students, providing refreshments; always give some helpful response to the talk.

13. Before departure, privately give the speaker whatever honorarium and expenses have been agreed upon, along with a word of thanks.

14. For out of town speakers, be sure that hotel and meals are provided according to the speaker’s expectations.

15. Always send a letter of thanks, giving specifics of how the speaker’s ministry was appreciated by the chapter.

If you follow these procedures, you will find you have demonstrated Christian love and kindness, that speakers will do a better job for you, and you’ll find speakers happy to return to serve with you again.