Sample Letter to Speaker

Joe Student
102 Dorm
Whatta U.
August 10, 1988

Reverend Preacher
First Church
Podunk, MI 49000

Dear (Mr., Mrs., Dr., Rev.) ____________,

I am writing to you on behalf of the InterVarsity chapter at —————- University. I would like to extend an invitation for you to speak at our chapter meeting. We would like you to speak to our chapter on the evening of Thursday, October 24, 1988. The topic we would like you to address is “Spending time daily with the Lord.”

This fall the leadership team has put together a list of topics that we believe are important for all of our members to deal with early in the school year. We will have speakers addressing us on such topics as “The Lordship of Christ,” “ Our mission on campus,” “How to share your faith,” and “What in the world is God doing?” The topic of “Spending time daily with the Lord” is one that we believe is vital for our chapter members to know early in the year. It is going to follow the talk on “Lordship”.

Our objectives for the evening are:
1. That students would see the need for spending time with the Lord daily
2. That they would understand God’s desire for us to know Him
3. That they would be given some ideas of what to do in that time
4. That those who struggle with daily devotions would be encouraged

We would like you to build your talk around these four objectives. Our meetings begin at 7:00 pm and they are held in the basement of the Union, Room 12. The meetings last 90 minutes and we will allow 40 minutes for your talk with a question/answer time following.

Enclosed you will find a copy of the InterVarsity Statement of Faith. We ask that all our speakers sign this and return it with their confirmation. Please let me know by September 15 if you will be able to come that night. My address is above and my phone number is 123-4567. An honorarium of $20 plus expenses will be provided, and we would like you to be our guest at dinner that evening with student leaders.


Joe Student