Contacting Speakers (Preferred Method)

1. Ask early.

Several months lead time is preferable. Allow time for some to decline, and the person who accepts to have two weeks’ notice.

2. Contact by letter telling:

Who you are
Topic and objective
Helpful background information on topic
How this meeting fits into the semester plan and what comes before and after
Date, time, place
Size of group
Amount of time for speaking
Question/answer time
Honorarium and travel provided
Phone number and address for your contact
When you will call for their answer

3. If this person accepts, send a follow-up letter including:

Map of campus
When they need to arrive
Who will meet them where
What equipment is always available
(Ask for special equipment or other
What the context for the talk is—what else
will happen in the meeting
Request for biographical information
Statement of Agreement (Ask to sign and
return when they come)

4. After the meeting send a thank you within three days.