Sample Plan (Late Semester Meeting)

Date: Dec. 5 Time: 7:30-9:00 pm Place: Union, 201

1. What do you want the meeting to accomplish?

A) To help students face the stresses of going home at vacation.
B) To provide biblical view of family relationships and an understanding of the gospel’s healing nature.

2. What specific topic?
Topic: Surviving Winter Vacation at Home
Title: “Families, nerve wracking or nurturing?”

3. Format: Speaker (Staffworker John) and small group discussion
Room Arrangements: Semi-circle/small clusters later in meeting
Who will arrange the room? Sharon Student and her small group

4. Building Blocks selected:
_____ Get acquainted activities _____ Refreshments
_____ Worshipping through music _____ Discussion
_____ Worshipping through prayer _____ Skits/Drama
_____ Sharing (as large group) _____ Introductions
_____ Q & A with speaker _____ Personal Application
_____ Communications/announcements _____ Booktable
_____ Literature highlight _____ Name Tags/Sign-up Table
_____ Speaker _____ Scripture Reading

5. Order of Meeting: (Total time accounted for: 85 minutes)

(Before) Welcoming & name tags (small group leaders) (15 min.)
Welcome & purpose (emcee) (4 min.)
Get Acquainted Activity (emcee) (10 min.)
Prepared Sharing from Randy re: Answered prayer (5 min.)
Worship through contemporary music (song leader/team) (10 min.)
Prayer as large group (conversational – praise) (5 min.)
Speaker (John Staffworker) (25 min.)
Small group discussion (share and pray) (15 min.)
Speaker summarizes/literature highlight (5 min.)
Communications: Finals Prayer Partners (4 min.)
Closing Prayer (President) (2 min.)
(After) Refreshments (Tim Students’s small group)

6. Publicity: Large group team Greeters: Small group leaders
Emcee: Ted Talented Music: Sandy Swing & Bill Beat
Follow-up Newcomers: Small group leaders

7. Plan Review:
Need: Find out from speaker which book(s) they want to highlight and connect with booktable coordinator