Meeting Plan Worksheet

Meeting Date:__________ Time:__________ Location:___________________

1. What do you want the meeting to accomplish?

2. What specific topic will you focus on?

3. What format will you use?________________________________________
If it’s a speaker, who will speak?_______________________________
What room arrangement suits that format?_________________________
Who will arrange the room?_______________________________________

4. There are some basic building blocks which comprise many large group meetings.
Check which building blocks you want to include at this particular meeting.

_____ Get acquainted activities _____ Refreshments
_____ Worshipping through music _____ Discussion
_____ Worshipping through prayer _____ Skits/Drama
_____ Sharing (as large group) _____ Introductions
_____ Q & A with speaker _____ Personal Application
_____ Communications/announcements _____ Booktable
_____ Literature highlight _____ Name Tags/Sign-up Table
_____ Speaker _____ Scripture Reading

5. Turn this sheet over and translate the building blocks into an order for your meeting. You can choose to use an item more than once (e.g., worshiping through music). As you order the meeting write down the names of the people who will carry responsibility for that meeting segment.

6. Once you have an order, put time allotments to the different meeting segments. Remember to count in the time it takes to make transitions from one activity to another.

7. List next to these responsibilities the person or team that will do the work for this meeting:

Follow-up newcomers_____________________________________________

8. Review your plan. Do you know who will do what, when? As you look at the meeting, will it accomplish your objective? Is there a good balance of active participation and listening? Finish up by making an “action plan” outlining who will contact the various people who will be part of this meeting, and by when.