Sample Plan (Opening Meeting)

Date: Sept. 12 Time: 7:30-9:00 pm Place: Union, 201

1. What do you want the meeting to accomplish?

A) To help students face the pressures and temptations of college life.
B) To receive practical help and encouragement on how to grow during their college years.
C) To get introduced to InterVarsity as a means of helping accomplish (A) and (B).

2. What specific topics?

Topic: How to Survive as a Christian in College
Title: “First Four Years are the Hardest”

3. Format:

Interview skit with upperclassmen displaying how they coped with college life in their first year and how the InterVarsity fellowship helped them. Also, media, “Proclaiming Jesus Christ” (2100 Productions).
Room Arrangement: Semi-circle, table, podium, screen
Who will arrange the room: Tim Student & his small group

4. Building Blocks selected:

_____ Get acquainted activities _____ Refreshments
_____ Worshipping through music _____ Discussion
_____ Worshipping through prayer _____ Skits/Drama
_____ Sharing (as large group) _____ Introductions
_____ Q & A with speaker _____ Personal Application
_____ Communications/announcements _____ Booktable
_____ Literature highlight _____ Name Tags/Sign-up Table
_____ Speaker _____ Scripture Reading


5. Order of Meeting: (Total time accounted for: 86 minutes)

(Before) Welcoming & Name tags (Small group leaders) (15 min.)
Welcome and purpose (Emcee) (3 min.)
Opening Prayer (Presdient) (2 min.)
Worship through contemporary music (Song leader/team) (12 min.)
Scripture (Eph. 6:10-18) (Emcee) (3 min.)
Interviews (Suzie Slick with Bill, Ben, Betty, Brenda on how they survived their first year) (12 min.)
Prayers (conversational, concerns for coming year) (5 min.)
Worship through hymns (Song leader/team) (7 min.)
Media Show – “Proclaiming Jesus Christ” (17 min.)
Communications: Chapter Vision (President) (2 min.)
Intro to Small Groups/Sign-up (Coordinator) (2 min.)
Chapter Calendars (President) (2 min.)
Invite to Freshman Picnic (Outreach Coordinator) (1 min.)v
Next meeting (Large Group Coordinator) (1 min.)
Get acquainted activity (10 min.)
Contemporary worship song (4 min.)
Closing prayer (Faculty Advisor) (2 min.)
(After) Refreshments (Sharon Student’s small group)

6. Publicity: Large Group Team Greeters: Small Group Leaders

Emcee: Ted Talented Music: Sandy Swing & Bill Beat
Follow-up Newcomers: Small Group Leaders

7. Plan Review:

Need: Equipment and slides for media show
Someone who knows how to run the media show

Need: Select get-acquainted activity/leader

Need: Creative ideas for publicity, specific plans

Need: Booktable coordinator/select highlight book