Topics - A Catalog of Ideas

Once you’re focused on your chapter goals and have gained some insight into the needs and issues on your campus, you’re ready to select topics for large group meetings. Here’s a catalog of topics to get you started.



Vision of InterVarsity Issues on Campus Issues in Society
Building a fellowship
Engaging the campus
Developing disciples
Biblical values
Cheating, honesty
Choosing a career
Personal morality
Sexual freedom
Sustance abuse
Prison reform
Capital punishment
Herpes, AIDS, & God’s judgment
Homosexuality, gay rights
Poverty, hunger, & justice
Civil disobedience
  personal evangelism
involvement in church
healthy relationships
vocational stewardship
world evangelization
Sexuality InterVarsity
Basic Christian Life
Statement of Faith
The creation of sexuality
Homosexuality debate
Sex before marriage
Sex after marriage
Sex and forgiveness

The place of solitude
Meaning and fellowship
Prayer & meditation
A call to obedience
The life of stewardship
Witness living
How to Worship

Authority of Scripture
Person of Christ
Meaning of the cross and resurrection
Regeneration of the Holy Spirit
Personal return of Christ
Relationships Exposition of a Portion of Scripture (examples)  
Dating, sex, marriage
Resolving conflict
How to listen to each other
Survey of Acts
Series on Philippieans
Selected Psalms