Starting Large Group Meetings

If you are just beginning large group meetings here are some suggestions on how to avoid organizational overload:

  1. If you have 2-3 small groups, have them rotate taking responsibility for each of the large group meetings. This will give the small group a common service project. They will grow together as they plan and lead and serve the larger fellowship.
  2. Divide the various responsibilities of each large group meeting among the various small groups (one small group responsible for major teaching, one responsible for music, another for publicity, etc.)
  3. Have monthly or twice-monthly large group meetings instead of every week until you have more leadership resources.
  4. Have a campus volunteer take responsibility for the organizational planning of large group meetings, with students still taking up-front leadership.
  5. Host community-wide large group meetings if there are other schools nearby. Chapters could rotate sponsoring one of these large group meetings (or InterVarsity Rallies).
  6. Ask a staff member, faculty, or pastor to teach a whole series of meetings on a topic or exposition of a portion of Scripture. This will simplify the task of setting up speakers each week.