Large Group Meetings and Your Vision


As you pray and plan for large group meetings, it’s helpful to start with the big picture, what you hope to see God do on your campus through your fellowship. These questions are designed as discussion questions for an executive committee or large group team. Have each person work through the questions individually writing out their responses. Once each person has gone through the worksheet on their own, take time to discuss it together. Listen to each other, identify common dreams, aim for understanding and consensus.


1. What one thing do you really want to see God do in and through
your fellowship this year?


2. What would it take to realize that “dream”?

3. What do you see as the primary purpose for having large group
meetings? Put it into one sentence.

4. There are many needs/goals which a large group meeting might help
fill. Take the list below and place a number beside each from
1-9 in the order of importance you put on these different aspects
(make #1 highest importance through #9)

A good time together

Feeling a part of something bigger than the small group

Making new friends

Speakers who aid Christian growth
  Worshiping the Lord

Bible teaching

Attracting new people to the fellowship

Visibility on campus

Communicating with each other

5. Consider your large group meetings. How might your large group meeting be a part of reaching your dream? Think creatively, don’t discount ideas which seem far out. Open up your thinking to possibilities. There will be a time later for asking “Can we really do this?”

6. Of your ideas in #5, which ones are you most excited about? Write out in a few sentences how your large group meetings could be more effectively used to help toward your vision.