Divided photo of one person sitting alone and group of laughing students

There’s an adage I sometimes see in the health and wellness community that, loosely paraphrased, goes something like: “If you put the effects of quality sleep into a pill, you could sell it for $600 a bottle.” As our culture begins to publicly wrestle with pervasive and persistent feelings of loneliness, people have begun to talk about community in the same way.

Being a part of a caring and enjoyable community truly does make a difference in our holistic health: emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and more. And when it comes to loneliness specifically, community is certainly the first and most important piece of addressing that need.

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

Since hearing about Jesus, Darren continuously struggled with his faith. That was until Jesus spoke to him clearly and gave him purpose at the Urbana 22 Student Missions Conference. 

By Nathan Peterson

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re featuring God’s work through InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries (BCM) in Alabama. As a student herself, all Summer wanted was a deeper relationship with Jesus. Now as a campus minister, she gets to witness Jesus drawing students closer to himself. Read more of her story below.

By Andy Kim

Are you satisfied with your relationships? If you’re like most Americans, you probably aren’t. But here are five practices that can help you develop deep friendships.

By Steve Tamayo

Each of us wears cultural lenses. Our culture lenses shape our worldview, our relationships, our behavior … even the way we read the Bible.

By Jason Gaboury

Since your first awareness of God’s presence in your life, you’ve had a story worth telling.

By Bridget Gee

Now I often find myself hunched over my phone in line at the grocery store or sitting in my car checking TikTok for some fresh hits of dopamine before I set out on my way. It’s like I’d rather have something take up the space in my mind than be alone with the quiet of my own thoughts anymore.


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