What’s the next wise decision?

That’s a question that can help you navigate through any situation in life. Family troubles? Vocational discernment? Financial pressure? Health challenges? Do the wise thing, and you’ll be glad you did. That’s why Andy Stanley, a pastor who leads an Atlanta-based church network, called it “the best question ever.” 

Don’t Get Hung Up on a Definition

The Bible never actually defines “wisdom” for us. We’re told to treasure wisdom, to seek wisdom, to respect those who have wisdom, to expect wisdom to be found in right relationship to the Lord . . . but “wisdom” isn’t given the Merriam-Webster treatment.

Wisdom can look like “knowing the right thing to do” in some circumstances, but it’s more than the possession of data. Wisdom can look like “seeing the consequences of a decision” in other circumstances, but it’s more than discernment.

By Rashawn Ramone

Contextualization is the beginning of restoration for Native students, Native communities, and the land. My role in Native ministry is loving the Native community through my journey with Creator God.

By Nathan Peterson

"Do we want to see people accept the gospel? Then it should be framed in a way that they can truly understand, in a way that shows that the gospel is actually good news for them."

By Drew Larson

"If you ever take a selfie next to Fort Knox, the fort is actually the second most heavily defended thing in the photo."

By Steve Tamayo
Chances are, it'll be a lot more difficult to find a small group after college than it was in college. That's okay. Here are some helpful tips.
By Heather Hocking

When looking at a measly income and a mountain of student debt, one might assume that God’s call to generosity doesn’t apply, at least not until your finances look less terrifying.

By Nathan Peterson

Job hunting doesn’t have to be a necessary evil or an awful season of life. It can be exciting, refreshing, and encouraging as we wait for the Lord to begin the next chapter in our lives.


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