Landfill background with text: When the World Feels Like a Dumpster Fire ...

We live in difficult times.

As we head into our third year of this pandemic, there’s still so much anxiety and uncertainty, racial and political tension, injustices and suffering. And now we are also grieved by the horrific war in Ukraine. Our own personal struggles and concerns for our loved ones haven’t gone away either.

In a season like this, it can seem hard to believe that spiritual growth is possible. But this is when we need it the most, when we most need to be refreshed and encouraged by the real hope we have in Jesus.

By Scott Bessenecker

COVID, a lack of in-person relationships, the ongoing realities of racism, patriarchy, income disparity, and climate change — the world can feel like a dumpster fire. Scary to watch from a distance but devastating when you’re standing in the middle of it.

By Rick Mattson

So just what is the Bible? Where did it come from?

By Tom Lin

As we approach Holy Week, Christ’s death and resurrection reminds me that he has given us access to his abiding peace, to the hope of eternal life, and to victory over sin and death. But how are we to live into this?

By Drew Larson

Psalm 131 invites us out of life as a tug-of-war with God into one where his desires, wants, longings for us (and the world) are not competing against ours but are grander, better, simply more. There is indeed a desire asymmetry between us and God, but not like we think — we can’t out-want God.


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