Emily Baez

In-person Bible study. Worship and prayer in community. Ziplining, canoeing, hikes, and plenty of space for laughter and reflection with one another in beautiful camp settings. These were the hallmarks of end-of-the-year InterVarsity Chapter Focus Weeks and Chapter Camps across the country in years past.

As with so many things, the pandemic’s disruptions have changed our perspective and made us appreciate these moments even more. And as we enter the summer, many InterVarsity chapters are eager for the chance to gather in-person again for these kinds of retreats.

Over the past couple weeks, three campuses got to do just that.

Students Study Scripture, Draw Closer to Jesus 

“Fun will be having community after a year of not being in-person!” said campus minister Daniel Glaeser.

By Kelly Aalseth

Having a certain level of social anxiety after a year-plus of isolation is to be expected. Some of you are about to go back to campus or start working in-person for the first time in a long while. That’s a really big change!

By Emily Baez

Anxiety is a monster, an intense, often debilitating monster. It can cripple us with fear and keep us from living our lives. If there ever was a time to call out the monster, it’s now.

By Scott Bessenecker

Should pay be the only factor in the summer job you choose? What’s God’s perspective? Is there anything in the Bible that can guide what kind of job we pursue?

By Stephan Teng

Perseverance can feel like a dental visit; you don’t want it but know it’s good for you. And now, with the pandemic officially more than a year in, it feels like we’re being asked to endure still a little more.

The InterVarsity Alumni Association is thrilled to name Kat an Alumni Hero. Her dedication and commitment to students is so inspiring!

By Carrie Carey

Though I was strongly against attending my local community college, I’ve actually ended up being called to that exact campus to plant an InterVarsity chapter. (Jesus can be funny like that.) And while there are definitely challenges, the truth is I love ministering here!


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