Ethnicity, Reconciliation, & Justice

By Charlene Brown

“I have a dream.”

These were the words uttered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago today during the March on Washington. 

By Lisa Rieck

August 28 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. At 34, Dr. King was not much older than I am now when he stood before the crowd of 250,000 people gathered on the National Mall.

By Katelin Hansen

At Urbana 12, we heard about what God is doing to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to the captives, sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed (Luke 4:18). But now, over six months out, that excitement and passion may have given way to the humdrum of the day-to-day grind. 

By Matt Meyer

Every summer, InterVarsity staff and students spend several weeks all over the U.S. and the world on a Global Project, a Global Urban Trek, or an Urban Project. 

By Willie Krischke

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of our country. But I was celebrating a different piece of our history: the integral role Native Americans have graciously played in the thriving of our nation.

By Charlene Brown

When summer arrives, I jump into my favorite warm-weather activities: time by the pool, reading outside, and most importantly, shared meals and cookouts with friends and family.

By Katelin Hansen

When I started college, I couldn’t have named a single Black gospel singer. I was a classical music major with a narrow range of taste, and thought I already knew everything about what “good music” was.


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